Auctions for Science Extravaganza!

Cross-posted with Skepchick. This is our last week to raise money for SkepchickCon, the science, skepticism, and social justice track at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy con held in the Minneapolis area July 3-6. So we're auctioning ALL the things so we can give you something in return for your support of all the activities, demos, salons, [...]

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Auctions for Science: DIY Plague Doctor Mask & Photo Shoot for 4 at CONvergence

Cross-posted with Skepchick. This week's auctions to raise money for science education and outreach at CONvergence are all about cosplay! DIY Plague Doctor Mask Kit First, donated and handmade by Mad Art Lab's Ryan Consell comes a DIY kit for making your very own historical plague doctor mask, with pieces made from vegetable tan leather [...]

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Auctions for Science: Wonder Woman Shoes & Vintage Science Textbooks

Cross-posted with Skepchick. This week's auctions feature donations from our very own DrRubidium and Will, both of whom will be at SkepchickCon July 4th weekend in Minneapolis. In addition to science activities and salons in the Skepchick Space Lab, here's a taste of some of the panels they'll be on: DrRubidium: Getting Away with Murder [...]

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Auctions for Science: Photo shoot at CONvergence

Cross-posted with Skepchick. This week's auction is especially for those of you who will be attending CONvergence, the sci-fi/fantasy conference where SkepchickCon is held. Skepchick Jamie Bernstein is auctioning off a photo shoot at the con, so you can get pro quality photos of your cosplay. You can even include a friend! Check out the [...]

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England: World Humanist Congress

The World Humanist Congress is held every three years. The theme of this conference is freedom of thought and expression. Speakers from around the world will come and discuss these important issues. It will be held August 8 -10 in Oxford England. Registration is here. There are also grants available. Video here.

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Auctions for Science: Virtual Music Lessons, Betty White Teaches Tango, and More

Cross-posted with Skepchick. SkepchickCon is just over a month away and we are down to the wire to raise money for science activity supplies, educational materials, and travel expenses for the many talented people who are bringing their expertise to our panels, workshops, and activities. This year, we have more than 40 panels and workshops, [...]

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Washington DC: Secular Summit & Lobby Day

The Secular Coalition for America with be hosting a Secular Summit and Lobby Day event June 12-14, in Washington, DC. It looks like a great way to get involved and to affect policy for our country. The SCA’s Lobby Day and Policy Conference includes: lobbying training scheduled lobbying visits with the offices of legislators on [...]

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Fundraising Auction: Handmade Beer and/or Dildo Cozy

Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. The SkepchickCon fundraising auctions are back this week with another one-of-a-kind handmade item, a bottle (or large dildo) cozy that Jodi Thibeault crocheted during the Godless Fiends Fabric Arts Hour, part of Freethought Blogs Conscience 2, the online freethought con. You can see the video here, where Jodi not only creates [...]

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Event: Women of Reason Dallas Monthly Dinner

Women of Reason Dallas (WORD), part of Fellowship of Freethought Dallas (FOFD), meets monthly for dinner on Feminine Fridays, the first Friday of each month, at 7pm in north Dallas.  The next Feminine Friday is scheduled for April 4th. WORD's Feminine Fridays provide a safe space for freethinkers who identify as women to come together [...]

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Event: Women in Secularism 3

WIS3 is happening May 16 - 18 in Alexandria, VA. The speakers include: Lauren Becker, Ophelia Benson, Lindsay Beyerstein, Soraya Chemaly, Heina Dadabhoy Barbara Ehrenreich, Debbie Goddard, Rebecca Goldstein, Candace Gorham Melody Hensley, Susan Jacoby, Sarah Jones, Zinnia Jones, Amanda Knief, Leighann Lord Miri Mogilevsky, Taslima Nasreen, Katha Pollitt, Amy Davis Roth, Mandy Velez, and [...]

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