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5:05 EST It’s a human response to look for an explanation for tragedy but it’s hard to find comfort as an atheist when you don’t believe in the mainstream response of god’s will and angles.


5:10 EST Creating meaning from your own experience can be very helpful for healing but I do wonder how well that’s taken by more mainstream grief groups. I can see how it could still be alienating in a sense because of the difficulty in sharing grief communally.


I’m not sure about anyone else but I’m having a real problem with Google+ hanging during this event.


5:16 EST I keep coming back to the idea of community. Hank Fox was talking about being an atheist in a world of believers, there was no one to talk to about it. Again, I get a sense of isolation that makes it harder to connect and console each other and ourselves.


5:20 EST Internet as community! That is absolutely amazing to me.


5:24 EST That’s a profound meaning in looking at death and acknowledging the actual pain that comes from someone you love dying and seeing the level of pain as equal to the amount of love you have for that person.


5:28 EST I wonder how using religious beliefs to cope with the death of a loved one fits with the physiological  stages of grief? If you can’t question religious beliefs about death, how do you cope with death of a loved one in a healthy way?


5:34 EST It’s an interesting question, does being atheist make it harder or easier to grieve the loss of a loved one? The idea that time is limited and should be cherished to me is a profound concept.


5:42 EST Greta Christina makes a good point that religious beliefs about death can cause more harm because grieving people sometimes try to figure out what god’s plan actually is or deal with the guilt over having doubts.


5:48 EST Great question on finding a secular celebrant for a funeral.


5:50 EST How do you define comfort during grief? Nicome made a good point about defining comfort as something that brings you peace, even temporarily. Something that takes your mind off the loss.