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MN: Check out your local university

Are you sitting around, bored, wondering what to do? Have you checked with your local university? Here in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota's Institute for Astrophysics they have a public viewing night. Friday nights, starting September 13, from 8:00-9:30 pm you get a short presentation (When I went they discussed citizen science opportunities) and


For 11 years the National Alliance on Mental Illness has provided education, support, and advocacy for persons with mental illness. As a nurse working in mental health I have used NAMI more times than I can remember as a source for information. Every year they have a fundraising 5K walk. In Minneapolis the walk is

EVENT: The Big Gay Race

Now enjoying its third year, Minnesotans United is having a Big Gay Race. The date, September 28. The time, 10:00 am. This year the crowds are expected to be even larger to celebrate Minnesota's not only defeating an amendment vote to prohibit marriage equality (Boo!) but also became the 12th state to make marriage equality

EVENT: Crypticon Horror Convention

Like horror?! Me too!! Crypticon is happening: September 27–29 at the Hilton Double Tree in Bloomington, MN. Activities include a make-up contest, kid’s costume contest, zombie prom, and a monster car show. Guests include Troy Holbrook, Christopher Lutz, Dave Schrader, Eric Vernor/Corvis Nocturne, Patrick E. Flanagan, Rob Dilauro, and Doctor Ivan Cryptosis. The group Scares

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Skepticon 6 needs your help!

Apparently you can’t put on a free conference for nothing... Who knew? The folks who have brought us such wonderful free events as Skepticon, Skepticon 2, 3, 4, and 5 would now like to give us Skepticon 6. They are a bit short on funds though, about $15,000. There is a great weekend planned with

Event: Minnesota Atheists Regional Conference Saturday, August 10

Join the Minnesota Atheists Saturday, August 10, as they, along with the American Atheists, host their annual conference. This year at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis. The leadership from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (Annie Laurie Gaylor) and American Atheists (Amanda Knief) are headline speakers, along with Greta Christina, Hector Avalos, PZ Myers, and more.