About Ed Cara

Ed is a recent University at Buffalo graduate born and currently living in the final setpiece of The Avengers, otherwise known as New York City. When not ogling at pictures of pugs, you can find Ed as a regular contributor to the podcast Skeptical Connections.You might also just catch him performing improv comedy or staging a play together with his theater company. Please offer him money if you do.

Event: Skeptech 2014

Do you like to skeptic? Do you ever wish you could skeptic more often but just don't have the money? Live in the Twin Cities area? Well now you're in luck, because Skeptech 2: Electric Boogaloo is here to answer all your non-denominational prayers! Obviously its second iteration, Skeptech is the brainchild of several college

EVENT: Learn how to become an abortion clinic escort!

It's hardly a leap to say that the reality of safe, accessible and affordable abortion is constantly under attack in the United States. Whether it's Texas's restrictive guidelines created to explicitly loophole clinics into shutting down or the passing of so-called 'fetal heartbeat' laws that subvert science and common sense, one thing is clear: women's

Fade to Black: An interview with the NYC Blackout Rally folks!

This upcoming Saturday, the Black Atheists of America and Black Nonbelievers are teaming up to present quite possibly the first secular event of its kind, the NYC Blackout Rally; a celebration of atheism and secularism through prominent speakers, singers and lyricists of color. Ed sat down and spoke with the people spearheading the event, Ayanna

Sex and Skepticism: #FtBCon liveblogging by @Theimprovateer

Ed Cara on Sex and Skepticism panelĀ (Virginia Brown, Franklin Veaux, Miri Mogilevsky, Benny Shaffer, Sophie Hirschfeld, Greta Christina) 7:05pm - Each speaker talks about what made them question their own sexuality 7:10pm They discuss whether skepticism is better at handling issues of sexuality - Benny's 'coming out' made him question religious authority. - Franklin believes

EVENT: NYC Blackout Secular Rally

In 2012, Washington, D.C. played host to the Reason Rally, one of the largest gathering of atheists, skeptics and freethinkers to date. With at least twenty-thousand in attendance, the Rally allowed diverse viewpoints and experiences to come from all across the country and share their appreciation for secular values. It's with that diversity in mind

EVENT: FtBConscience and You!

The internet, bastion of perpetually morose felines, has long been an enormous boon to the atheist community. With the number of atheist(skeptic)-centric blogs, podcasts and online discussion groups now available, it's never been a less lonely time to be a self-identified nontheist. Sensibly enough, as the online community has grown larger, so too have the