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Melanie is a freelance editor and writer living in a small town outside Minneapolis with her husband, two kids, dog, and two cats. When not making fun of bad charts or running the Uncensorship Project, she spends her time wrangling commas, making colon jokes, and putting out random dumpster fires. You can find her on Twitter as @MelMall, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

EVENTS This Week—Meet Stephen Hawking, Surly Amy, Hemant Mehta, Seth Andrews, Shelley Segal & More!

Cross-posted at Skepchick. All over the globe, many of your favorite scientists, skeptics, and atheists are appearing live: in Texas, you can meet Surly Amy at the American Atheists Convention in Austin; Stephen Hawking in Houston; Hemant Mehta and Seth Andrews in Canyon and Houston; Australian atheist singer-songwriter Shelley Segal in Houston and San Antonio. Hemant will also be giving a talk in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Carl Zimmer will be speaking in Overland Park,

EVENTS This Week—Skeptics of OZ, St. Patrick’s Day, Atlanta Poly Weekend & More!

Cross-posted on This weekend we’ve got several big events going on, including Atlanta Poly Weekend and the Skeptics of OZ conference (OZ as in Kansas, not Australia). One of the speakers is our very own Teen Skepchick and Queereka writer Lux Pickel. Plus, freethinkers all over are getting involved in positive ways through charity events

EVENTS This Week—Skepchicks in Chicago, Austin, and Madison, plus Pi Day Events & More

Cross-posted on South by Southwest is going to be particularly awesome this year, with Rebecca on a panel with Gawker’s Adrien Chen and Slate’s Farhad Majoo, It’s Reddit’s Web. We Just Live In It, and Nicole (aka the Noisy Astronomer) along with Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain, and Scott Lewis of CosmoQuest hosting talks, Google

EVENTS This Week—Neil deGrasse Tyson in OH, Skepchicks in Chicago & MORE!

If you’re in the area, check out Chicago Skepticamp this weekend and meet Skepchick’s Jamie Bernstein and Kate Donovan (of Teen Skepchick and Freethought Blogs). Next Thursday, lucky Ohioans have the opportunity to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson speak at Wright State. The rest of the Neil fan club will have to content themselves with their Neil meme collections. But

X-Post: EVENTS This Week— Elyse Anders, Massimo Pigliucci + Darwin Day Events Around the World!

From Iowa City to Milan, Darwin Day celebrations are going on everywhere, all week long. From presentations, such as Massimo Pigliucci’s, and fossil hunts to hands-on lab work and phylogeny-inspired art, you have plenty of events and activities to naturally select from. And cake. Lots and lots of cake, including evolution-themed cake-baking contests. If you’re

X-Post: EVENTS This Week: Marian Call, Ben Radford & More!

You really have no excuse for not going out this week. Except those of you on house arrest. (But there’s even something for you near the end of this post.) A variety of skeptical, humanist, atheist, sciencey stuff is going on this week—from Marian Call’s last concert before leaving for Europe to Ben Radford’s talk