About Tammy

Freethinking feminist, secular humanist, science fiction nerd, software developer, cat lady. Occasionally tweets at @tdwalker_.
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Event: Women of Reason Dallas Monthly Dinner

Women of Reason Dallas (WORD), part of Fellowship of Freethought Dallas (FOFD), meets monthly for dinner on Feminine Fridays, the first Friday of each month, at 7pm in north Dallas.  The next Feminine Friday is scheduled for April 4th. WORD's Feminine Fridays provide a safe space for freethinkers who identify as women to come together

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Event: Fellowship of Freethought Dallas Monthly Gathering

Fellowship of Freethought Dallas (FOFD) provides social, educational, outreach, and volunteer opportunities for freethinkers in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Each month, FOFD holds a gathering at which speakers give talks on a broad range of subjects of interest to the secular community. FOFD offers educational youth activities during the gatherings as well. Gatherings are

Event: The Gospel of Doubt

Doubt isn't just essential for skeptics: it's necessary for persons of faith as well. This is the argument behind The Gospel of Doubt, a project that aims to advance the idea that doubt is a virtue, one that should be embraced by the Christian church. On Sunday, March 2, Zachary Moore will give the project's