One day at was at one of my favorite local breweries getting some of my favorite beer (mmmm… Oculust) and I starting chatting with woman. While we were talking about how much we enjoyed craft beer she said to me “you should really look up Barley’s Angels you’d really like them.” And look them up I did! Thanks to the wonders of facebook I quickly joined up and have been enjoying beer, food, and company across the Twin Cities (and Wisconsin) with them ever since.

Barley’s Angels is actually a national organization for women. It provides a friendly environment for women to learn about craft brew (and home brewing). My experience has been (to name only a few) brewery tours, great restaurants, meet ups with distributors and brewers, volunteering, great conversation, and of course great beer.

I’d recommend a google search with your home city and Barley’s Angels, you’re sure to find one close by!

Image via Barley’s Angels