England: World Humanist Congress

The World Humanist Congress is held every three years. The theme of this conference is freedom of thought and expression. Speakers from around the world will come and discuss these important issues. It will be held August 8 -10 in Oxford England. Registration is here. There are also grants available. Video here.

Washington DC: Secular Summit & Lobby Day

The Secular Coalition for America with be hosting a Secular Summit and Lobby Day event June 12-14, in Washington, DC. It looks like a great way to get involved and to affect policy for our country. The SCA’s Lobby Day and Policy Conference includes: lobbying training scheduled lobbying visits with the offices of legislators on

Event: Women in Secularism 3

WIS3 is happening May 16 - 18 in Alexandria, VA. The speakers include: Lauren Becker, Ophelia Benson, Lindsay Beyerstein, Soraya Chemaly, Heina Dadabhoy Barbara Ehrenreich, Debbie Goddard, Rebecca Goldstein, Candace Gorham Melody Hensley, Susan Jacoby, Sarah Jones, Zinnia Jones, Amanda Knief, Leighann Lord Miri Mogilevsky, Taslima Nasreen, Katha Pollitt, Amy Davis Roth, Mandy Velez, and

Event: Secular Student Alliance

The Secular Student Alliance has not one but TWO events coming up for The Secular Student Conference 2014! June 20-22, there is the "west" side conference in Phoenix, AZ. You can follow at #SSAwest. And you can get information here. July 11-33, there is the "east" side conference in Columbus, OH. You can follow at

Event: Skeptech 2014

Do you like to skeptic? Do you ever wish you could skeptic more often but just don't have the money? Live in the Twin Cities area? Well now you're in luck, because Skeptech 2: Electric Boogaloo is here to answer all your non-denominational prayers! Obviously its second iteration, Skeptech is the brainchild of several college

Women’s History Month

Secular Woman is looking for people to write 1 - 2 articles for women's history month. The pieces will be published through out March with opportunities to continue writing. If you're interested, contact them here.

Fundraising: Atheists of Maine

The Atheists of Maine are raising money for a cause: Camp Sunshine, “a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.” The way they are raising this money is by jumping into freezing cold water, a polar bear plunge. brrrrrrr The event takes place February 15 (again, brrrrrrrrrrrr). You can support their Polar Bear

Event: FtBConscience 2

This coming weekend, from Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2 the second Freethought Blog on-line conference will be happening. The full schedule is available at Lanyrd. You can also subscribe to the schedule in the calendar of your choice here. The official con page is here at FtBCon.org. You can follow along on Twitter

Outreach: Freethought books project

Started in 2005, the Freethought Books Project was created by Leslie Zukor while a student at Reed College. Her mission was to send freethought books to prisoners as a response to the abundant religious material and proselytizing found in the prison system and to provide an educational alternative for secular humanist, non-religious, and skeptical prisoners.

Fundraising: Women’s Leadership Project

The Women's Leadership Project is fundraising, looking to raise $1500 to help fund their program. The Secular Student Alliance has pledged a matching contribution up to $1500. From the fund-raising site: Our Story: Women's Leadership Project fills a vacuum in a school district that has few programs that specifically address the intersection of sexism, racism,