Investigative Report

Tonight at 10pm ET, 20/20 will be having a show "Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the 'Manosphere'" It will be interesting to hear why my equality means the lessening of men (spoiler alert.. it doesn't). Image via WikiCommons

Carolinas Secular Student Summit Recap Hello there! I'm back TWO DAYS IN A ROW with a video for you! This past weekend I was at the Carolinas Secular Student Summit - surprisingly enough, not the same conference as the similarly named Carolinas Secular Conference, but follows the trend of being a traveling conference. This is the second year of

Preview: Carolinas Secular Conference And now for something completely different - a video! This past weekend, I was at the Carolinas Secular Student Summit (which I'll be talking about tomorrow) and talked to Harry Shaughnessy. Coming up next month is the Carolinas Secular Conference which will be in Charlotte, North Carolina from October 4-6. It's $150 registration, $99

Rebecca on Atheists Talk

Cross-posted on Skepchick. Atheists Talk is interviewing Rebecca this Sunday, at 9 am Central time. You can listen to the live stream or on one of those old-timey devices called a radio (RAY-dee-oh), at AM 950 KTNF. You can also call in (952-946-6205) or email ([email protected]) questions for Rebecca during the live show. If you

#FtBCon Interview With Miri Mogilevsky

Skepchick Events Writers Melanie Mallon, Courtney Caldwell, Niki, and Ed Cara recently sat down with Miri Mogilevsky to discuss the ins and outs of organizing, e-hosting, and speaking at an online convention. Miri Mogilevsky is a Freethought Blogs writer at her blog Brute Reason. In this interview, she spills all about the success of the

Science and Secularity: An Interview With PZ Myers

PZ Myers is a name that needs little introduction within the atheist community. A friend to Skepchicks, long-time blogger, and favorite on the secular event circuit, PZ Myers is atheism's favorite curmudgeonly teddy bear. I recently caught up with him at the Answers in Science event in Houston, TX to discuss his busy schedule, his