MN: Minnesotans Unified for Healthy Air

On November 6, from 6:30-8:00 State Representative Keith Ellison (MN-D) will be speaking, along with Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger from the MN Department of Health, Will Steger, Polar Explorer, Mohamed Idris from ARAHA and Karen Monahan from the Sierra Club on the importance of protecting the environment. (spoiler alert.. it's the only one we have)

EVENTS This Week: Rebecca in CR, Reasonfest, Secular Summit, SD Con of Reason, Philly Science Fest & More

Cross-posted on Skepchick.org. The week ahead is a busy one for conferences, from Reasonfest 3 in Kansas, Lobby Day and Secular Summit in DC, the first ever South Dakota Conference of Reason, the Philadelphia Science Festival, and the International Festival of Science Documentary Films in the Czech Republic, featuring Rebecca! You'll find some great talks going on as well, including

EVENTS This Week—Rebecca at NECSS, plus Skeptech, NC Science Festival & More

Originally posted at skepchick.org. The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) starts tomorrow, with great speakers and mini-events, including a live SGU, a science/improve mashup with George Hrab, Steve Novella, and others. Meet Rebecca, Eugenie Scott, Jon Ronson, Julia Galef, and many more special guests. Or if you’re in the Midwest, join me and

EVENTS This Week—Meet Stephen Hawking, Surly Amy, Hemant Mehta, Seth Andrews, Shelley Segal & More!

Cross-posted at Skepchick. All over the globe, many of your favorite scientists, skeptics, and atheists are appearing live: in Texas, you can meet Surly Amy at the American Atheists Convention in Austin; Stephen Hawking in Houston; Hemant Mehta and Seth Andrews in Canyon and Houston; Australian atheist singer-songwriter Shelley Segal in Houston and San Antonio. Hemant will also be giving a talk in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Carl Zimmer will be speaking in Overland Park,

EVENTS This Week—Skeptics of OZ, St. Patrick’s Day, Atlanta Poly Weekend & More!

Cross-posted on Skepchick.org. This weekend we’ve got several big events going on, including Atlanta Poly Weekend and the Skeptics of OZ conference (OZ as in Kansas, not Australia). One of the speakers is our very own Teen Skepchick and Queereka writer Lux Pickel. Plus, freethinkers all over are getting involved in positive ways through charity events