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DIY Science Zone @GeekGirlCon: Halp!

One of our newest Skepchicks, Ray (aka @DrRubidium), is running a DIY Science Zone during GeekGirlCon October 19 and 20, with the help of other scientists, including Skepchick Network contributors @NoisyAstronomer and @Seelix. I’ll be there too, assisting everyone with the sciencey goodness. But we need your help! Our fundraising goal is $6,000. The money will

EVENT: Atlanta Star Party–Tickets Going Fast

If you're going to DragonCon or if you'll be in Atlanta August 29 for any other reason, get your Star Party tickets now before they're sold out. The Atlanta Star Party is a popular annual stargazing cocktail party for charity. For $60, you get food and soft drinks (alcoholic drink tickets are available as well),

Answers In Science With PZ Myers, Aron Ra, Zack Kopplin, and More

When people say, “bastion of science and skepticism,” they generally aren't talking about Texas. Thanks to people like Don McLeroy, Texas is more of a laughingstock than a shining beacon of reason. That may be why people are surprised that Houston Atheists boast the largest atheist community not just in the country, but in the

EVENTS This Week: OC Freethought Alliance Con, Atlanta Skepticamp & More

Cross-posted from Skepchick. This week's post is going to be a quick rundown rather than the usual list of featured events because new events plug-in + sitewide technical difficulties = I'm drunk. I know, I know. You look forward to that list every week. It's an unending series of dramatic cliffhangers, an unfolding mystery. What

EVENTS This Week—Rebecca at NECSS, plus Skeptech, NC Science Festival & More

Originally posted at The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) starts tomorrow, with great speakers and mini-events, including a live SGU, a science/improve mashup with George Hrab, Steve Novella, and others. Meet Rebecca, Eugenie Scott, Jon Ronson, Julia Galef, and many more special guests. Or if you’re in the Midwest, join me and

EVENTS This Week—Easter Fools’ Day Edition: Pirates vs. Zombies

Cross-posted with This week, we've got Easter and April Fools' Day back-to-back. [Insert plethora of obvious jokes here.] As usual, events are all over the map, from the spring opener of egg hunting season to celebrations of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the Pastafarian pirates among us. But I admit that this posts subtitle is

EVENTS This Week—Meet Stephen Hawking, Surly Amy, Hemant Mehta, Seth Andrews, Shelley Segal & More!

Cross-posted at Skepchick. All over the globe, many of your favorite scientists, skeptics, and atheists are appearing live: in Texas, you can meet Surly Amy at the American Atheists Convention in Austin; Stephen Hawking in Houston; Hemant Mehta and Seth Andrews in Canyon and Houston; Australian atheist singer-songwriter Shelley Segal in Houston and San Antonio. Hemant will also be giving a talk in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Carl Zimmer will be speaking in Overland Park,

EVENTS This Week—Skeptics of OZ, St. Patrick’s Day, Atlanta Poly Weekend & More!

Cross-posted on This weekend we’ve got several big events going on, including Atlanta Poly Weekend and the Skeptics of OZ conference (OZ as in Kansas, not Australia). One of the speakers is our very own Teen Skepchick and Queereka writer Lux Pickel. Plus, freethinkers all over are getting involved in positive ways through charity events