The Pathfinders and You: How to Get Involved

Growing up in small-town Kansas, one of the Christian rites of passage was a missions trip. You'd raise money from local church members, travel to some third-world country, and talk to the impoverished locals about Jesus. While there, you'd do some manual labor to help build a church, or work with a local missions group

Atheists in Pop Culture #FtBCon liveblog by @CultOfCourtney

TV, Movies, Comic books… our popular culture is soaked in depictions of religious people, but what about atheists? How are atheists portrayed in the public sphere? How can we do better? A panel of atheists gets at the real issues.  Hemant Mehta, Ashley F. Miller, Heina Dadabhoy, Rebecca Watson and JT Eberhard 2:00 This is

Improving the Image of Atheists: #Ftbcon liveblog by @CultOfCourtney

Improving the Image of Atheists (Blogged by Courtney) Sarah Moglia, James Croft, Chris Ho-Stuart, Stephanie Zvan and Kaoru Negisa 10:00 AM Introductions - Stephanie Zvan - Writes at Almost Diamonds Sarah Moglia - Campus Organizing Communication Specialist for the Secular Student Alliance Kaoru Negisa - Writer at Reasonable Conversation, atheist/LGBT activist in Orlando, FL James Croft -

Meet the Pathfinders: #FtBCon liveblog by @CultOfCourtney

Three of the volunteers of the Pathfinders Project will be discussing the project, themselves, why they are involved, and why humanist service is so important. 11:10 AM  Little bit of a late start! Conor kicks us off with a description of the Pathfinders Project, a yearlong international service and research trip sponsored by Foundation Beyond Belief. He

Call for Events Writers

We need writers to blog about events of interest to skeptics, atheists, humanists, freethinkers, etc., as well as events-related information. For example, posts about starting groups, interviews with group leaders, ways to increase diversity at events, making groups and events more friendly to all ages, accessibility at events, fundraising, activism, geek event cross-over, and so

X-Post: EVENTS This Week: Marian Call, Ben Radford & More!

You really have no excuse for not going out this week. Except those of you on house arrest. (But there’s even something for you near the end of this post.) A variety of skeptical, humanist, atheist, sciencey stuff is going on this week—from Marian Call’s last concert before leaving for Europe to Ben Radford’s talk

We’re cooking up SkepchickCon 2012!

Hey there— we’re busy planning SkepchickCon 2012 and there is a lot in progress, but there a couple of things we do know. For one thing, the date: July 5-8, 2012. Also, we’re delighted to report that this year will be even more amazing and super-charged since we’re teaming up with PZ Myers and the

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Act Now! Your Money Doubled!

Why donate to SkepchickCON? There are some really good reasons to hand over a little dough to this cause, but this week the biggest and best reason to donate is because, due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, your contribution will be DOUBLED!! (An occasion for SUPERCAPSLOCK, if ever there was one.) That’s right,

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