In the land of oranges and sunshine this weekend, the Humanists of Florida Association is throwing one of this year’s most jampacked gathering of freethinkers, atheists and humanists. All headlined by the Amazing one himself, James Randi.

The Florida Freethought Conference 2013 is hardly a one trick pony though. Aside from Randi, speakers include Sean Faircloth, Dale McGowan of Foundation Beyond Belief, Dave Silverman of American Atheists, and Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus.

There’ll also be some particularly juicy talks. Personal faves include Bridgette Crutchfield on how to make the Freethought community more welcoming to newcomers, Alix Jules on diversity in the movement, and a panel discussion by student humanists German Beard, Shane Furman, Daniel Koster, Brittany Prince, Katie Shermer, and Justin Karpf on their unique perspectives of being young and godless.

Top it off with the rest of the great speaker roster, Dave Silverman’s personally-led late night Humanist Trivia and a completely live-streamed weekend and you’ve got yourself a great Con! So if you’re in the Orlando area November 2nd to 3rd, be sure to pop in by.

Tickets can be bought through the official con website, where you can find all the important info you’ll need. You can also offer an one time donation through there if you’re unable to check it out but still want to contribute.