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This coming weekend, from Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2 the second Freethought Blog on-line conference will be happening.

The full schedule is available at Lanyrd. You can also subscribe to the schedule in the calendar of your choice here.

The official con page is here at FtBCon.org.
You can follow along on Twitter #FtBCon.

Last year’s conference is available here.

Speakers include:
PZ Myers
Stephanie Zvan
Brianne Bilyeu
Greta Christina
Lilandra Ra
Miri Mogilevsky
Richard Carrier
Jason Thibeault
Russell Glasser
Erin Bilyeu
Jodi Thibeault
Niki M
HJ Hornbeck
Benny S
Lux Pickel
Robert M. Price
Michael Davis
Charles Stross
Tomas Rawlings
Toren Atkinson
Rebecca Hensler
Andy Cheadle-Ford
Patty Guzikowski
Sarah Morehead
Teresa McBain
Kim Veal
Raina Rhoades
Noa Jones
Georgina Capetillo
Ken White
MA Melby
Chelsea DuFresne
Lauren Lane
Paul Fidalgo
Scott Lohman
Vyckie Garrison
Ania Bula
Jamila Bey
Heina Dadabhoy
Jen Peeples
Dale McGowan
Courtney Caldwell
Dan Linford
Justin Schieber
Kim Rippere
Edward Bartow
Curtis Penfold
Heather McNamara
Ian Cromwell
Autumn Nicole Bradley
Yau Man Chan
Michael Nam
Marissa Torres Langseth
Cindy Cooper
Shanon Nebo
Amy Davis Roth
Elyse Anders
Simon Keegans
Ryan Craig
Red Tani
Dan Fincke
Julia Galef
Jess Whittlestone

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