Cross-posted with Skepchick. DragonCon is this weekend already, and the schedule looks . . . interesting (and I mean that in the most euphemistic way possible). If you’ll be there, be sure to give a shout out to the Skepchicks, who may or may not be recognizable in their cosplay. Here’s a glimpse at the panels they’ll be on:


Don’t Panic! – Again…: The internet can cause people to panic over many things. Find out why some of the ‘big’ things might not be THAT bad after all. Nicole Gugliucci (aka Noisy Astronomer) joins Dr. Ali Khan, Dave Daigle, Ben Radford, Nick Eftimiades, Jonathan Bradley Strickland


Quiz-O-Tron 2000: A science-focused panel quiz show with hilarious guests, audience participation, and fun prizes. Rebecca is back with the always-popular Quiz-O-Tron, along with Surly Amy, Joseph Scrimshaw, Phil Plait, Jon Hotchkiss, and Drew Curtis.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 1, 7:00 PM

Talking Science and Critical Thinking Online: In what ways are we able to spread information about science and skepticism using art, comedy, and new media? Rebecca, Amy, and Nicole join Joseph Scrimshaw, Phil Plait, and Drew Curtis.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 1, 8:30 PM

Limits of Skepticism: Should skepticism stick with addressing pseudoscience, bunkum, and conspiracy theories, or should it also critically analyze religious claims (such as whether or not God exists)? What are the limits of skepticism? Or are there any limits at all?

Debbie Goddard is on this panel with Matt Lowry (Moderator), Pamela Gay, Margaret Downey, D.J. Grothe, Michael Shermer, and Tim Farley.

Plus, don’t forget about the Atlanta Star Party on Thursday night to kick off the con with Nicole, Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, and Derek Demeter.