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4:30 PM

For our April monthly meeting, we are pleased to welcome Lance Goller, former Jehovah’s Witness, sharing ‘A Tale of Two Cults’. Lance’s family joined the JWs when he was merely 3 years old. Thoroughly brainwashed into the JW world, Lance grew up a firm believer and was baptized at the age of 14. Lance spent nearly 3 years at ‘Bethel’, JW’s headquarters in New York, and later attended an exclusive missionary school known as ‘Gilead’. It was at Gilead School (which can only be described as a 5-month-long indoctrination session) that Lance’s doubts, long suppressed, began to percolate, a process that unfortunately took 5 years to break through the brainwashing. Finally, at the age of 37, Lance realized that he had been raised in a cult, and within months, gave up his beliefs in the Bible, deities, the flood, and creationism (in that order).

Lance will discuss growing up JW (aka the 24-year-old virgin), inside JW HQ, the awakening process (what it took to leave), and why JWs are cultlike and dangerous. His YouTube channel is ExGileadMissionary.

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