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Transbelief Dialogue 30, Richfield Lake Park, on “Dogma”
Sunday, April 21, 2013
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Richfield Lake Park
858 W 65th St, Richfield, MN 55423, MN

Meetup on W 65th Street (free parking on street at south of lake); After-dinner at Pizza Luce, 1 block south.
Welcome to our 30th Transbelief Dialogue & Nature Walk, where we follow Aristotle’s path of peripatetically discussing our differences. It’s been called “Mindwalk + My Dinner with Andre!” This time, our Nature Walk will be all outdoors, at the “secret lake” southeast of the 35W-Crosstown 62 interchange and north of Wood Lake, called “Richfield Lake Park” (near the corner of W 65th St W & S Lake Shore Dr)! We’ll meet at the south end of Richfield Lake, across from the Richfield Post Office and the back parking lot of Pizza Luce, at 2:00pm Sunday, April 21. The path around this small lake is paved, so we won’t need to worry about mud! After discussing our topic of the month at our walk-n-talk, we’ll cross the street to Pizza Luce for after-dinner!

This Meetup is part of our group’s recurring forum, The Dialogium, for facilitative, reasoning dialogue between FMCOR’s very different folks!

And here’s the topic for our Dialogium 30 (suggested by FMCOR member Georginator!) that will entice us to try an April OUTDOOR Nature Walk-n-Talk:


As we stroll Richfield Lake we’ll tackle these issues:

What is the cause of dogma in religion?
Why are there non-dogmatic religions?
Is dogma the purview only of religion, or is it present in secular groups, and in politics?
Is dogma a trait of human biology? Of human environment?
Is dogma bad?
How is dogma best countered?
What is the opposite of dogma, and what groups habitually practice that?
Is dogma gender-based or -influenced?
What would the world be like if we shunned dogmatic thinking?
What would the world be like if we enforced dogmatic thinking?
Don’t miss FMCOR’s Dialogium 30, on Sunday, April 21, 2-4pm, to tell us how YOU see the Role of theism, atheism, politics, and human biology in the spread of DOGMA!

Logistics: Let us know when you RSVP if you need a carpool ride.

After our 2:00-4:00 p.m. Walk-n-Talk, those who’ve worked up an appetite (or need to warm up) will join us one block south of the lake, at Pizza Luce for after-dinner (gluten free options available)!

Invite your friends for our Walk & Talk — the more different we are, the more enlightening our conversation!

Hoping to see (and hear!) you at our Dialogium 30 on “Dogma!” — RSVP “Yes” today!

(When you RSVP, please tell us: 1) If you want a carpool ride to and from our Meetup & Dinner; 2) If you need monetary assistance to attend our after-dinner; and 3) If you have suggestions for a question you’d like FMCOR to discuss at a later Dialogium.)

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