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Please note that RSVP-ing on this Meetup page will not get you in to the conference. You must register at the Minnesota Atheists online store (see link below).

Two parenting workshops have been scheduled for the 2013 Minnesota-American Atheists Regional Conference.

Room 2:

10:30am – 11:15am

Answering your Child’s Difficult Questions and How to Teach Religious Literacy – Jill Carlson, Eric Jayne, and James Zimmerman

Children are naturally inquisitive and they have no problem talking directly among their peers and their parents. Three atheist parents will explore how to respond when your child asks why we don’t go to church like their friends or why we don’t believe in God like their friends.

11:20am – 12:05pm

Dealing with Religious Relatives while Raising Freethinking Children – Jill Carlson, Eric Jayne, James Zimmerman

You’re trying to raise a critical-thinking child free from the indoctrination of religion but some of your relatives disapprove or don’t know about your godless parenting. In this workshop we’ll discuss strategies on dealing with these type of relatives, friends, and other elements that challenge your parenting.

For more information visit: http://www.minnesotaatheists.org/conference

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