I am a con woman. There, I said it. Although I’ve been to only a few conventions over the past couple of years, I am hooked. If you haven’t been to one, take a look at the list below for one to try, maybe something near where you live. If you have been to one (or more) but didn’t enjoy it, don’t give up on them altogether! They vary so much from each other, not only in focus but in atmosphere.

You can tell a lot about atmosphere by talking with other people, seeing who is going to what this year, and exploring the event’s website for info on the speakers, programming, and policies.

Now is the time to look far ahead so that you register in time and have a chance to make travel plans (including room sharing, which can make a con much more affordable). Hotels book up really quickly for some of these, and registration is often limited, so don’t wait until the last minute.AA logo

And don’t forget, if you are a woman interested in attending the American Atheists National Convention in March or a man interested in going to Women in Secularism 2 in May, Surly Amy is offering grants to pay for the admission! Apply here. You can also support these grants by buying special edition necklaces or donating directly. Get more info here.

Amy and other Skepchick Network writers will be at both conventions as well as many more throughout the year (including the most amazing of them all, of course–SkepchickCON!). I note who will be at what below, but I’m being conservative and not including the many more some of us want to attend but aren’t sure about yet.

The list includes only the basic info, with a link to find out more, and I’m sure it is incomplete. If I missed something, please note it in the comments. If I get enough additions, I’ll post an updated list.

EDIT 2/3/13: I added and corrected some info below (all in March).



North Texas Secular Convention
Feb. 8–10
Dallas, TX
*Elyse is speaking.

Surfcoast Summer Skepticamp
Feb. 9
Aireys Inlet Fairhaven, Victoria

Fort Collins Skepticamp
Feb. 23
Fort Collins, CO

Skepticamp Ottawa
Feb. 24
Ottawa, ON

Student Feminist Conference
Feb. 23–24

SSA Secular Summit 
Feb. 24–25
Columbus, OH


Chicago Skepticamp
March 2
Chicago, IL
*Both Jamie and Kate will be speaking.

ADDED: Freethought Festival
March 8–10
Madison, WI
ADDED: * Benny will be there.

March 8–17
Austin, TX
*Rebecca is speaking and Nicole is involved with the NASA sessions.

National Atheist Party (NAPCON)
March 9
San Francisco

EDIT (I had an old link and an old date for this):
Skeptics Of Oz
March 15–17
Wichita, KS
*Lux is speaking.

American Atheists National Convention
March 28–31
Austin, TX
EDIT: *Amy is speaking and Anne will be there with her.



Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism (NCESS)
April 5–7
New York City
*Rebecca will part of the live SGU episode.

Northwest Freethought Alliance
April 5-7
Portland, OR

April 5–6
Minneapolis, MN
*Kate and I will be there.

April 13
New York, NY

April 13–14
Manchester, UK

International Festival of Science Documentary Films
April 16–21
Olomouc, Czech Republic
*Rebecca is speaking.

April 20–21
Lawrence, KS

2013 Lobby Day & Secular Summit
April 24–26
Washington, DC


Freethought Alliance Conference
May 3–5
Anaheim, CA
*Heina is helping organize.

Women in Secularism 2
May 17–19, 2013
Washington, DC
*AmyRebecca, and Debbie are speaking and Will will be attending

WisCon 37
World’s Leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention
May 24–27
Madison, WI
*I said I wouldn’t list maybe’s, but it’s highly likely that several of us will be at this one.

Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
May 24–27
*Nicole will be there.

Imagine No Religion 3
May 17–19
Kamloops, Canada


The American Association of University Women
June 9–12
New Orleans, LA

June 15
Berkeley, CA

Secular Student Alliance Convention
June 21–23
Las Vegas, NV


SkepchickCON at CONvergence
The science and skepticism track at
July 4–7
*ALL of us will pretty much be at this one

July 11–14
Las Vegas, NV

Secular Student Alliance Convention
July 12–14
Columbus, OH
*Kate is speaking.



Gaymer X
Aug. 3–4
San Francisco
*Heina will be there.

European Skeptics Conference
Aug. 23–25
Stockholm, Sweden

Skeptrack @ DragonCon
Aug. 30–Sept. 2
Atlanta, GA
*Rebecca is part of the Skeptrack and Nicole will be there (subject to change because of this)

NZ Skeptics Conference
Aug. 31–Sept. 2
Dunedin, NZ



2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference
Sept. 13–15
Philadelphia, PA

Freedom From Religion Foundation
Sept. 27–28
Madison, WI


Oct. 19–20
Seattle, WA
*Rebecca and Heina will be there.

Oct. 24–27
Tacoma, WA
 Note: The link still has last year’s details, so you’ll have to check back for updates.

Texas Freethought Convention
Most likely Oct.
San Antonio, TX
*Will and Kate will be there.

Feminist Faces of Freethought
October [TBD]
*Will and Heina will be there (and probably others, all on panels)



November [TBD]
Springfield, MO
*Lux and Heina for sure and probably many more of us.

Australian National Skeptics Convention 2013
Nov. 22–24