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So, I am not doing the featured events this week, which will no doubt give this kid yet another reason to cry. But I have a good reason! I’m snowed in and watching a Buffy marathon. We are in the process of revamping our calendar to embed maps and images, categorize events, make everything searchable, place all events on a world map, and give groups their own pages, with their events auto-listed on the page. It’s going to be freaking awesome.

So if you run a group and would like specific info and images on your group’s page, please contact us and I’ll get back to you with details. (It’s free.) And if you know of any events you think we should include, please email them (or add them in the comments).

In the meantime, you can still check out the events this week on the calendar, and don’t forget about the many upcoming cons this month alone:

Edited to remove cancelled con.

The featured image is the poster for the International Festival of Science Documentary Films in the Czech Republic, where Rebecca will be speaking. In case you don’t speak Czech, they’ve helpfully included a bonus feature in the international language of paper airplane. Enjoy.