In case you somehow missed it, this weekend is the very first annual FtBConscience! It features speakers such as Greta Christina, Miri Mogilevsky, PZ Myers, Jamila Bey, Ed Brayton, and Richard Carrier… not to mention some of Skepchick’s very own:  Benny, Heina Dadahboy, Kate Donovan, Emily Finke, Debbie Goddard, Kaoru, Amy Roth, Rebecca Watson, and myself (Courtney Caldwell)! The conference will run all weekend and focus on social justice, technology, and the future of the Freethought movement. This is atheism with a conscience!

FtBCon is a free, online conference organized by the Freethought Blogs network so you don’t have to worry about travel fees, registration, or lodging! FtBCon is accessible to Skepchicks, freethinkers, atheists, and anyone else – no matter what your geographic location! You can attend conference sessions via Google+ hangouts, and attendees will even be able to converse in chat rooms. Questions for panelists can be submitted as well.

The dirty deetz can be found on the con page, and the full schedule can be found on Lanyrd. Come back to this page for liveblog commentary and updates!

EDIT: For easier reading, we’re separating the panel blogging into individual posts. Links to the day’s blogs below.

Welcome Messages, blogged by Melanie

Sex and Skepticism, blogged by Ed

Mission Creep, blogged by Kai

Liveblogging continued here with Saturday’s panels and here with Sunday’s.