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    The anti-vaxxers are spreading Ebola conspiracy theories – According to the conspiracy theorists it’s either biological warfare OR it doesn’t actually exist.
    From miasma to Ebola: The history of racist moral […]

    • Ebola.


      That is all.

      • Terrible disease for those who catch it and who are at risk of catching it, but I’m way, way more concerned about the upcoming cold & flu season.

    • That Jezabel article was full of wrong. I KNOW there are racist aspects but…
      Overcrowding and poor sanitation are a relevant fact, not a racist stereotype.
      If from this article you believe you can safely eat your Liberian Fruitbat medium rare, you deserve a Darwin Award.

      There is enough misinformation already about the whole subject.
      Even the CDC guidelines on protective equipment are faulty, according to those who have actually fought previous outbreaks.

    • The egg freezing article was interesting and brought up some points I hadn’t thought about with regards to pressure to use the egg freezing as a way to be able to work without pregnancy/child rearing. I guess as someone who has had the luxury of delaying childbearing by choice so that I could focus on my career, I hadn’t thought of the pressures that may exist with this benefit in non-female friendly careers. It had only occurred to me that it would be nice to have some eggs on backup for if I someday decided I wanted children.

    • There is a certain mentality that flippantly spews “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” in the face of many a circumstance. “Yes means Yes” solidly puts the lie to that.