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    Alabama’s republican governor signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans into law yesterday. The bill was passed by a whole bunch of white men on the Alabama senate (there were 3 women who voted no) and […]

    • You know how this has been breaking my heart. Thank you for posting about it. I definitely lost followers for making a statement on Instagram, but it was soooo worth it. We all need to be speaking up on every platform we have.
      These laws are designed to keep women (especially WOC) in poverty, uneducated and/or dead. This isn’t even a political and shouldn’t be a religious issue, it is healthcare issue. I am so glad I live in California, but women in other states are just shit out of luck if we can’t help them.

      • I loved what you wrote. If you have time please just copy paste it here in the comments. It’s valuable information that people need to understand.

        • Amy, Here is what I posted to Instagram. Copy and paste at will.
          I have been trying to think of ways to phrase this post. The subject is so big and complex and the ramifications of these laws is so immense, I really cannot cover it here on Insta, so I am distilling it to a few important points.
          I am an RN in Labor Delivery/PostPartum. I work with patients to ensure their safety, autonomy and informed consent around pregnancy and delivery and termination.
          1. The laws being passed these last 2 years (especially last 2 weeks) WILL KILL women. Women will die, there is no way around that. They are written specifically so that women will die, black women disproportionally to all other race categories. Currently black women die 3-4x more often than white women in childbirth and the immediate post part period. This is racist and misogynistic legislation.
          2. The laws passed WILL ENSURE PENURY for women. They will keep women pregnant and mothers, forced out of the workforce and out of education. They will strengthen the chains of poverty already established in the USA.
          3. The laws passed enshrine the power of (mostly white) men over the bodies of women. Men are in the majority in passing these laws. Men who hold not responsibility in childbearing and often not in childrearing.
          4. These laws will decide that women alone are incapable of health care decisions. That women do not deserve to make their own choices. No other law governs a man’s body the way these laws govern a woman’s body.
          5. This will have a crippling effect on progress for the entire country. When you relegate 51% of your population to enforced brith, you lose overall. Think about that. 50.8% of US citizens are female, we are the fucking MAJORITY. Let’s act like it.
          If you live in the USA, please, I am seriously BEGGING, do not vote these men into power any longer. This is detrimental to progress and basic humanity. This WILL effect you.
          Very sincerely,
          Cris Orr, RN, BSN, PHN.

    • Amy replied 1 year ago

      I don’t have enough words to express how furious I am over these laws. And terrified.

    • I recall vividly a few years ago on this very site being emphatically splained to by some hard talking lawyer that none of this would happen because nothing could overturn Roe vs Wade.

      Yet here we are. Disgust emoji.