• I hate polls. I feel like they are inherently biased based on who is presenting them. That being said, polling data is extremely important in the land of politics – more so now than ever. Decisions by leaders are […]

    • I’m interested in the impeachment hearings But watching them isn’t good for my mental health. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people feel the same way..

      • Understandable. I enjoy checking in on specific twitter feeds for recaps when I’m not feeling up to watching testimony or if I don’t have time. @MuellerSheWrote on twitter is a great woman led podcast and twitter feed that is great for that. @Blakesmustache is also excellent for easy to understand legal summaries of what is happening in the courts..

    • I know ads served are supposed to follow your browsing habits, but I always get pro Trump ads on this and other sites…

      I haven’t been following the proceedings much, just because I know not much has probably happened yet. Then again, maybe I’ve already missed the boat by me delaying.