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    I hate living in Ohio. I can’t move away, because that’s exactly what they want. FML

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    Why stop at Grand Teton? Breast-shaped hills are everywhere.

    Wikipedia has an article on everything!

    • Ai! Ai! They’re everywhere! Quick, grab your picks, dynamite and AMFO – not a moment to lose!

      Warning – do not click on the links above, lest ye become irreversibly corrupted.

      • About fifteen or twenty years ago an organization popped up calling itself something like ‘The Organization for Morality in Americas National Parks’. The demanded that the Grand Tetons National Park name be changed as it means ‘The big teats’ in French. They had a large letter writing campaign, as not only was the name immoral but it made us a…[Read more]

        • Hi Weatherwax, you had me going there for a minute, that’s a good story! Thank goodness it turned out to be a hoax.

          We visited Grand Teton National Park in June and were told the Troix Tetons were named by (very very lonely) French trappers.

          Stunningly beautiful and well worth a visit as I’m sure you know.

        • Sadly, I haven’t been there yet. But one day.