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    Deeper and Down: Verbal Hygiene for Men, by DEBUK at Language: A Feminist Guide: An interesting response to “what about the men” in relation to language policing, with a focus on patriarchal beliefs about deep […]

    • Well, tenors make more money than basses. A supply/demand demonstration if there ever was one.

      Few things sound stranger than someone pushing the pitch of their voice out of whack to achieve some ‘special’ presentation. Elizabeth Holmes’ fake voice has been called out recently. The ‘uptalk’ and girly-ism of a tranche of younger women is irritating as fuck. And lots of voice professionals hide their ‘real’ voice in public; Placido Domingo commented on that once, deliberately softening and ‘fuzzing’ his speech to cover the dense brightness that came naturally.

      Being a bass myself, I’ve caught myself many times ‘pitching up’ to sound more friendly and sociable.