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    The problem is that even universities don’t care about society as a whole, or their workers’ work/life balance anymore. They only care about their bottom line and their notoriety.

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    The line about there not being precedent to believe 6 women’s testimony, especially when it was an open secret in Hollywood, just makes me want to puke….

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    As far as my aunt and uncle are concerned, they’re nearing the ages my grandparents lived to, and they don’t seem to regret not having children. I don’t understand the decision, as I love my kids, but I’m not going to try to make anyone feel bad about not wanting or having kids. I don’t understand other choices people make, but if they don’t hurt…[Read more]

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    My son is 9 and lives the Harry Potter series. I think NK Jemisin is a little out of his league till he’s a few years older. Do you have any suggestions of series or authors to suggest to him? Honestly I’m only asking because even at the library they generally recommend the most popular, which isn’t always the best or most inclusive.

    • That’s an excellent question Josh. I’m going to do some research and put together a list of Potterternatives over at Grounded Parents. Look for it soon!

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    In the article about the runner, it says he “is very active with his church youth group.” That’s a red flag to me, and if prefer he stay away from the youth group until he has demonstrated he actually respects bodily autonomy. How many youth pastors and youth group leaders have been found grooming their young charges? Not enough to say they all…[Read more]

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    In reality, ICANN had never had much actual authority over who is allowed to have certain TLDs (three letter domains) such as .com, .org, and so on. They don’t even regulate who can get a .gov domain; the US Government does that separately. This is why some of the first .org domains were used by for profit companies. After public backlash, the…[Read more]

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    I think he’s a little bit of an asshole, depending on how he talked to the kid. His contributing child support for a kid he didn’t even want is admirable, though. At the very least I hope he gave like a medical history and was as kind to the kid as possible while still saying he didn’t want him in his life.

    Probably the main reason I think he’s…[Read more]

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    I know ads served are supposed to follow your browsing habits, but I always get pro Trump ads on this and other sites…

    I haven’t been following the proceedings much, just because I know not much has probably happened yet. Then again, maybe I’ve already missed the boat by me delaying.

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    My question about the IB stems from wondering how the increased processing of the proteins affects the water/resource usage to produce. I’m sure it uses less water and power than beef, but a quick search hasn’t given me an insight.
    Really, I’m sure it’s my own laziness and I could find the info if I searched harder.
    Oh one other concern. If I…[Read more]

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    I created an account just to post this.
    It’s amazing how publishers still want to sensationalize everything. Thankfully the author corrected your misconception about the book. I’ll put this on my list of books for my kids to read in a few years, when they’re old enough for it to be more appropriate.

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