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    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we really are blessed with everything — great weather, the Golden Gate Bridge, burritos, and a sex cult. […]

    • They’re even weirder than this post suggests. Their own material is just ridiculous.
      They gush about ‘orgasm’ but actually move the goalposts, so actual, real-life orgasms are set aside for some ill-defined ‘orgasmic’ whatever.

      The fingering is to be done on a timer, 15 minutes only thank you.
      The LEFT index finger is the only one allowed.
      The fingering sessions must be done while clothed, and without any other sexual activity following or preceding.
      They actually sell their own brand of lube.
      Daedone’s background includes a long involvement with Victor Baranco and the Morehouse sex cult of the 1970s-80s.
      I guess the gloves are an ‘improvement,’ or at least a nod towards a hygienic approach to sex with near-strangers.

    • I was directed to your site by STAND the Scientology site that attacks anyone who disparages the organization.
      As a knowledgeable ex member I would say you used the exact right comparison. Scientology is not a religion. It hides behind that mantle. I read the letter sent to you. Complete hypocrisy and ignorance.
      Keep up the good work.