• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Asian Incels Harass Woman Who was on Their Side, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 5 months ago

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    Today I want to talk a little bit about one of my favorite actresses in recent years, Constance Wu. Wu came to my attention when she appeared […]

    • How do the incels not see that if women really were subhuman shallow whores, it is only the incels who would be getting laid. Good men would be handling it themselves.

      Seriously, I thing incels are an insult to every human who is decent and just.

      I am assuming the MRAsians referred to are Americans of Asian descent. China actually does have a problem, with men outnumbering women by more than 30 million, and the birthrate still significantly favouring males.

    • Funny thing is, the first incels I ever encountered (wow, was it really 1999?) were Asian. Very 90s site, with all the typical 90s designs (solid black background because that’s so deep, Fraktur brushscript header, misspelled). They tended to see the anti-Asian bias as “assimilate the women, leave the men behind” imperialism.