• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Why Nazis are Now Super Into NASA, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 4 months ago

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    Big astronomy news, everyone: NASA is currently exploring the most distant object humans have ever reached! It’s a rock that’s located abo […]

    • I don’t understand… if almost 20 years online have taught me anything, it’s that the entertainment values of cats and the number 69 are individually infinite, and yet we’re being told that saying “mew 69” is boring? Something Is Amiss!

      • Apparently.

        The Nazi thing is kinda interesting. The Nazis were big on Blavatsky and Steiner, I know that. So, yeah, now you not only have Atlantis (and this is where it became completely unmoored from the actually somewhat plausible Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias into the crystal technology Atlantis we now think of), but three additional lost continents, and each of them has its own “root race”. They were also big on homeopathy because Hahnemann was a German, and the Welteislehre because the mind which imagined that little bit of nonsense was an Austrian.

    • > I had never heard of the Nazi legend of a place where enormous honkies strode the frozen landscape

      Honkies? Why not crackers? Wouldn’t crackers preserve really well in the dry, frozen Tundra? What have you got against crackers, Rebecca? 🙂

      > The Internet, which is currently flooded with Nazis. …a place absolutely infested with Nazis…

      Flooded? Infested? I think you are giving these asshats more credit than they deserve. I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and the amount of material denouncing Nazis, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. is orders of magnitude beyond the amount of material promoting them. About the only time I read anything at all about Nazis is when I read something about how evil (pathetic is more like it) they are. I just typed “nazi” into Google and the first three pages are from sources like Wikipedia, the BBC, the Holocaust Museum, Britannica, the New York Times, the Atlantic, Smithsonian, The Guardian, The Telegraph, etc. I didn’t look beyond three pages, but I think it’s fair to say that finding positive, promotional material about Nazis will take some dedicated research. Let’s not make these jagoffs into bogeymen. They are a few sad, pathetic, ignorant morons who exert no more influence over modern society and culture than any other fringe group.

    • Well dang! What WERE results one through six?
      Rocky McRockface is still better than 2014 MU69.

    • Insert Operation Paperclip joke here.