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    You know what I love? Food. You know what I love even more than food? […]

    • What sort of ‘food’ and what sort of ‘process?’
      Industrial packaged food seems to include an array of substances that nobody would pick to start with; ‘Crystalized Cottonseed oil’ anyone? That’s what ‘Crisco’s’ name is derived from.
      Garbanzos, sesame seeds, garlic, olive oil are a long way from corn syrup, hydrogenated seed oils, cornstarch, weird thickening ‘gums,’ etc. etc.

    • Very interesting analysis, Rebecca. Your thoughts echoed mine when I first heard of this.

      So yeah, point 1, eating ultraprocessed food allows you to eat more, easily, and there lies the harm.

      I would love to see one of these studies where actual calorie intake was constant, rather than just “eat as much as you like”. A lot of Michael Moseley’s “research” fails in that respect, it drives me crazy.

      Point 2 , depressed people eat a lot of ultraprocessed food (because it’s easy and you don’t feel like cooking).
      So depression is associated with ultraprocessed food.

      Depression is also associated with poor health outcomes. No shit, Sherlock! Now tell me, which is cause and which is effect?