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      The Federal government is trying to punish California for requiring ALL private healthcare insurers provide coverage for full female reproductive healthcare. Their claim is that 28,000 people are being forced to cover abortion services against their “deeply held beliefs”.
      They do this with the direct desire to teach California a lesson so that other states will not try to cover full reproductive services for women. Fortunately, Newsom and Becerra bought have vowed to fight this.
      I am so sick of people’s “deeply held beliefs” trumping the right for all women to access the healthcare they need. I don’t think anyone who has not spent at least 3 months on my unit or another city hospital L and D unit and has at least 1 semester of OB/GYN education under their belt should ever have any right to create legislation that curtails healthcare in any way. Seriously, is there any other legislation written to directly change healthcare for political ends? Fuck them.