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    Last week someone asked me if I’d consider doing a video on how to read a s […]

    • Looking at some of the utter garbage and denial of reality spouted on Twitter on the subject of COVID 19, I would say the US is in for a pandemic that will make Italy’s look tiny. This is a tragedy. A rapid nationwide lockdown could have saved a lot of lives and minimised the impact on the economy.

      On the subject of the disease in summer, Australia is now in the 3rd week of autumn with temperatures in the mid to high 20s (C) and very very dry. Our outbreak is still doubling every 3 days so maybe don’t pin too much hope on the weather coming to the rescue.

      Death rates here so far are low due to being one of the highest testing countries in the world and also due to rapid contact tracing and quarantine. Importantly our leaders take a bipartisan view regarding the outbreak. We all look in horror at the shambles in the US.

    • Here’s a good one for you.
      “Swine flu infected 1.4 billion people around the world and killed 575,000 people.
      There was no media panic and society did not shut down.
      Coronavirus has infected less than 478,000 people and killed 22,000 going into April.
      Just a little perspective”

      In over 200 replies only one person picked up that the quoted figures were bogus and inflated nearly1000 fold
      A quick Wikipedia check shows it was officially 6.7 million cases and 20,0000 deaths for swine flu.

      Lack of media panic can probably be attributed to the obsession with the aftermath of the GFC that was going on at the time, which utterly masked the economic impact of swine flu. The true impact of the latter is still unknown but I bet it didn’t help.

      Of course the narrative is that there was no media panic because Obama was president.