• Jamie Bernstein wrote a new post, The Real Reason Epstein Died Is a Lot Scarier Than Murder, on the site Skepchick 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    When the news first broke yesterday that noted child rapist Jeffrey Epstein had died by suicide in jail, I went through a lot of emotions. It started with anger, knowing that he will never be held accountable for […]

    • I can’t remember ever disagreeing w a Skepchick article before. You don’t know that that’s what happened. Hell, you don’t even know that the body was his. I think we need more info to jump to conclusions about JE. The jail thing is probably right on. I’m in Manhattan now, I wonder if they would let me check it out. Maybe I could get some credentials from you and you can give me a possible itinerary. I’d love to interview the correctional officers on duty. I could get you a couple thousand words. I trust you wouldn’t care that I’m not actually a chick…

      • Perhaps I didn’t fully clarify, but I don’t think and hope I didn’t imply that murder was off the table and I certainly do not know exactly what happened. As I mentioned in the piece, murder in jails of high profile prisoners is a real thing that happens and there are many powerful individuals who benefit from Epstein’s death that may have been able to arrange an assassination. It’s not an implausible explanation and people who believe Epstein was murdered are not being irrational in those beliefs. As I said, we’re already in real-life conspiracy-world with Epstein, so it’s not irrational to wonder how far the conspiracy goes. I just wanted to put forward that there are facts we already know about the mismanagement of the MCC that can explain all the supposedly strange things that seemed to happen around Epstein that led to his death and that this is a likelier explanation than an assassination.

        Hopefully a fair investigation will be done that will get to the bottom of what happened, but in the absence of that, it’s fair to assume that the most likely explanation is probably the truth of the matter.

        Just want to be clear that I’m not putting people who believe Epstein was murdered in the same basket as 9/11 truthers or pizzagate people. It is an actual plausible explanation, even if the likelihood of it being true is lower than other explanations.

        • I would contend that the title of this article and sentences like “But, it is unlikely,” are fairly misleading. I fail to see how we can assign that degree of probability to this case; not the least of which being that there is a corruption scandal within the justice system running in parallel with the sex-trafficking scandal. While any of these scenarios seem possible, it’s a bit early to begin making statements with that degree of certitude.

    • Jamie Bernstein: “It seems likely that…”

      Magus: “you don’t know”

      Yeah, genius, that’s why she wrote it the way she did. We don’t know, but we also don’t need to spin ourselves into conspiratorial knots trying to explain something that already has an obvious explanation. But this is the internet, so….

    • Absolutely. Things are bad enough right now without jumping to conclusions about this guys suicide. Just wait and see. There’s enough fodder for real outrage without making stuff up.