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Our planning for SkepchickCon 2014 at CONvergence is in full swing, and we have so much more in store for you. First, in addition to more full-hour interactive science and art workshops, we’ll be offering science and art activities and salons all day long in our track room as well as doing some Roving Science during the CON–on-the-spot science demos and quick activities with people waiting in lines.

And that is just the beginning.
So, we’re starting our fundraising early to cover all the materials we need for our activities, informational printouts for our track room, and travel for our scientists and other special guests. Please note that we do not profit in any way from our fundraising or from SkepchickCon. We do not get a cut of the CON ticket sales, and all the money we raise goes directly to the costs mentioned above.

To kick things off, we’re doing another series of auctions. This week, we have donated pieces created by Yessenia of Queereka as well as the last three one-of-a-kind signed Skepchick Sideshow posters from SkepchickCon 2013, designed by Donna Mugavero, featuring photos by Gigi Chickee, both from Mad Art Lab. See a list of all auctions here.

If you’d rather donate directly to support our science and skepticism education and outreach at the con, please Paypal skepchick [at] and mention SkepchickCon in your note. Even if you can’t make it to the CON, you can enjoy even more videos next year of the panels, activities, and salons. Thanks for your support!

What is SkepchickCON?
The science and skepticism track at CONvergence, an annual sci-fi fantasy conference held around July 4th weekend in the Minneapolis area. This year, the con is running Thursday, July 3, through Sunday, July 6. The theme is Midsummer Night’s Dream (think more urban fantasy than Shakespeare).

We are working on a 2014 site, but for more info about what SkepchickCon is, please visit last year’s site for the basics.

Interested in volunteering?
If you’ll be in the Twin Cities, MN, area July 3-6, and you’re interested in volunteering, please contact me at skepchickevents [at] We need videographers, photographers, general AV people, track room volunteers, volunteers to help with panels and full-hour activities, transportation help, and more! We also still need help with video transcription for our 2013 videos and will need the same for 2014.