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We are back with more donated items to auction for SkepchickCon fundraising. All proceeds go toward supplies and informational materials for science and art education and outreach as well as travel expenses for the experts we’re bringing to the con.

SkepchickCon is the science and skepticism track at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy conference held in the Minneapolis area every July 4th weekend (this year’s dates are July 3-7). For SkepchickCon 2014, not only will we have the usual panels and workshops, we’ll also be hosting all-day science and art activities and salons in our track room. Plus, we’ll have Roving Science, science experiments we can do throughout the con, such as with people waiting in lines.

But we need your help. We do not get a cut of the con ticket sales, so all expenses are completely covered by Skepchick. We do not profit at all from this con. If you can spare even five bucks, you can donate directly through Paypal to [email protected] (skepchick [at] skepchick.org).

To entice you, Skepchick Network contributors and others are donating items and services for auctions we’ll hold every week. This week’s auctions will end Sunday, January 19, at around 9 pm Eastern time, but you can bid at any time this week.

First up, we have two wonderfully silly donations from Skepchicks Sarah Moglia and Debbie Goddard:


Auction 1

Sarah has knitted a lovely MISANDRY hat to help you incubate your man-hating thoughts to the perfect temperature throughout the remaining cold winter months. Starting at $15.00. (Click here to view the auction and bid.)

Purple Debbie

Auction 2

Debbie, the voice of the iconic Point of Inquiry podcast intro, will do a custom voice recording for the winning bidder–use it for your voicemail, ringtone, alarm . . . the possibilities are endless! Starting at $15.00. (Click here to view the auction and bid.)
Can’t afford to donate but still want to help out? Contact me at [email protected] (skepchickevents [at] gmail.com) for information on volunteer opportunities (from things you can do from the comfort of your own home to helping out at the con itself).

We also accept donations for future auctions. Have a quirky item you’re willing to part with that the Skepchick audience might like? Will to create or donate a handmade item? Have ideas for auctions you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments or by email.

Thanks so much for your support!