Apparently you can’t put on a free conference for nothing… Who knew?

The folks who have brought us such wonderful free events as Skepticon, Skepticon 2, 3, 4, and 5 would now like to give us Skepticon 6. They are a bit short on funds though, about $15,000.

There is a great weekend planned with workshops, podcasts, and wonderful speakers from the skeptic community.

Why don’t you give a few dollars? You can donate here. It’s totally worth it!

There are also some fundraisers going on for Skepticon, go check them out.

Dogma Debate is trying to get Aron Ra to dress as a Jedi!
Shelly is going to write an amazing song that we choose!
Deep Fried Freethinkers is making dinosaur shaped chocolates!
Registrants who donate $100 or more receive a totally sweet gift!