FtBCon Liveblog!

In case you somehow missed it, this weekend is the very first annual FtBConscience! It features speakers such as Greta Christina, Miri Mogilevsky, PZ Myers, Jamila Bey, Ed Brayton, and Richard Carrier... not to mention some of Skepchick's very own:  Benny, Heina Dadahboy, Kate Donovan, Emily Finke, Debbie Goddard, Kaoru, Amy Roth, Rebecca Watson, and myself (Courtney Caldwell)! The conference

EVENT: FtBConscience and You!

The internet, bastion of perpetually morose felines, has long been an enormous boon to the atheist community. With the number of atheist(skeptic)-centric blogs, podcasts and online discussion groups now available, it's never been a less lonely time to be a self-identified nontheist. Sensibly enough, as the online community has grown larger, so too have the