3:20 EST We’re already the longest lived of all mammals and there isn’t anything easy we do to increase our lifespan. Interesting side note of the usage of grandparents to raise the next generation.


3:23 EST It will be prohibitively expensive to make immortality possible so it would be available only to the very rich unless we put rules in place to make it possible for the less affluent.


3:27 EST There’s a balancing act between lifespan and reproduction. If people are immortal, they can’t reproduce at the same mortal levels.


3:45 EST Interesting note on the juggling game about life span versus societal downsides. At what age does immortality have a negative impact on society?


3:47 EST Healthspan expansion versus lifespan expansion in a good point. What is the good of living a long life if you don’t have a good quality of life?