You really have no excuse for not going out this week. Except those of you on house arrest. (But there’s even something for you near the end of this post.)

A variety of skeptical, humanist, atheist, sciencey stuff is going on this week—from Marian Call’s last concert before leaving for Europe to Ben Radford’s talk on his experiences as a paranormal investigator, from local meetups to the premiere of a documentary on the Texas textbook battles.

Oh, and how could I ever forget X-rated Jesus? (No, really. Please. Tell me HOW.)

But before I get down to the details of events near you, there’s one event next Thursday, Oct. 18, that we are all celebrating around here, even the sloths. Aw, screw that. ESPECIALLY the sloths.

So be sure to stop by and wish Rebecca a happy birthday next week. No need to go over the top like these sloths. I don’t think any of us can compete with that kind of raw enthusiasm.

Events for October 12–October 18

Below is a sampling of events happening in the U.S. (grouped by region), Canada, and the UK. You can find more events and more details about these events on our events calendar (in the left sidebar). Don’t see your group’s events listed? Just contact us with the details.


Bethesda, MD, Sat., Oct. 13:
Join the National Capital Area Skeptics for an afternoon talk by archaeoastronomer John B. Carlson on 2012 apocalypse claims.
Cambridge, MA, Sat., Oct. 13Sun., Oct. 14:
Catch the phenomenal songwriter and musician Marian Call at Tommy Doyle’s on Saturday Sunday night. Note the corrected date. (Thanks, Buzz Parsec.)
New York City, Sun., Oct. 14:
The NYC Atheists’ October brunch features molecular geneticist Alea Mills, who discovered a gene related to cancer and aging as well as a genetic cluster that may be related to autism.
Drinking Skeptically and Skeptics in the Pub events: Galloway, NJ; Gloucester, MA; and Washington, DC. (See the events calendar at left for details.)


Huntsville, AL, Fri.., Oct. 12:
The North Alabama Freethought Association is screening Agora.
Nashville, TN, Sat., Oct. 13:
Nashville Skeptics’ monthly meetup is at the Italian Market on Saturday. Word on the street is they serve “fancy coffee” here.
Tampa, FL, Tues., Oct. 16:
Ben Radford, skeptic and paranormal investigator, is giving at talk at the University of South Florida–Tampa, “Reflections on a Decade of Paranormal Investigation,” followed by a reception.


Houston, TX, Fri., Oct. 12:
The Texas Freedom Network is premiering the documentary The Revisionaries, about the recent textbook battles in Texas, TONIGHT. Tickets are almost sold out, but if you miss out, the film will be showing in Austin and in San Antonio soon (details to be released). Get more info (and purchase tickets) here.
Austin, TX, Mon., Oct. 15:
CFI-Austin is hosting “X-rated Stories about Jesus,” a presentation by retired classics professor Jim Dee.


Minneapolis, MN, Thurs., Oct. 18:
Philosophy professor Ian Stoner discusses morality: what it is, where it comes from, etc., followed by discussion and Q&A. Cash event hosted by MN Skeptics.
Columbus, OH, Sat., Oct. 13:
The Humanist Community of Central Ohio’s monthly program is focused on community building, with a panel discussion format, including guests from the SSA and  local colleges. Also: pizza. You heard me.
Drinking Skeptically and Skeptics in the Pub events: Branson, MO; Champaign, IL. (See the events calendar at left for details.)


Fremont, CA, Fri., Oct. 12:
Social psychologist Carol Tarvis is speaking on cognitive dissonance in our lives in “Mistakes Were Made (but not by me),” at Olhone College on Friday night.
Drinking Skeptically and Skeptics in the Pub events: North Hollywood, CA; Seattle, WA. (See the events calendar at left for details.)


Ottawa, ON, Sun., Oct. 14:
Centre for Inquiry, Ottawa, hosts a “Living without Religion” group, which is notably for support not debate or philosophical discussion.
Skeptics in the Pub: Vancouver, BC.


Edinburgh, Thurs., Oct. 18:
Endocrinologist Brian Walker will talk about “Stress Hormones and Heart Disease” as part of the University of Edinburgh’s Medical Detectives lecture series.


We’re all coming over, didn’t you hear? Yeah. You might need to get more beer.

If you really aren’t up for going out, or there’s nothing going on near you, you can always participate in Desiree Schell’s podcast, Skeptically Speaking, on Sundays at 6 pm MT. Listeners can chat and ask questions live through SPECIAL SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGY.

Coming Soon

Don’t forget to follow the spooky action over a distance (from Amherst, NY, to Nashville, TN) of Rebecca, Richard Wiseman, and Jon Ronson, starting Oct. 20, when they leave on their Paranormal Road Trip. You can read here about the stops and how to meet up with them in person at the nightly events, plus keeping checking back next week for more updates.

And of course, their endpoint is the incredible CSICon in Nashville, Oct. 25–Oct. 28, a science and skepticism conference where Rebecca, Richard, and Jon will join MOAR Skepchicks, such as Amy, Elyse, Heina, and Maria, plus George Hrab, PZ Myers, the whole SGU cast (who will be doing a live podcast), and many, many more awesome skeptics and scientists. If you haven’t already registered, there’s still time. Go here now.

Also, if you haven’t registered for Skepticon yet, get on it. Seriously. It’s FREE. It’s huge. It’s awesome. And it will be here before you know it, the weekend of Nov. 9–11, in Springfield, MO. I’ll have more details for you in future posts, but don’t wait to make your travel arrangements. Free + huge = FULL hotels. (And no, you can’t sleep in my car.)
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Credits: Featured image by Arne Halvorsen. Sloth image adapted from a photo by alumroot.